Your car’s ignition system needs a high-quality ignition coil to keep it in good condition. Ignition coil provides the required power to the spark plugs for starting the engine. They can last for 100,000 miles or more after which they should be replaced.

Where to Buy

The ignition coil is an important component of your car’s ignition system. It keeps your engine and car smooth. You should invest in a premium and good quality ignition coil.

It is always better to buy from a reputed dealer. This will ensure that you buy only genuine ignition coil and are covered under manufacturer warranty if any. You must avoid buying from shady dealers who offer cheap deals. You may end up buying duplicate and low-quality ignition coil that will need frequent replacement.

Most people do not see ignition coils as important parts of their vehicles and thus compromise on its quality to save money.

Buying a substandard ignition coil will give you persistent problems in starting and driving the car. It can also damage other spare parts of your vehicle. You will also incur more money in trying to repair and replace ignition coils frequently.

OEM or Aftermarket Ignition Coils

You can either choose to buy OEM or aftermarket ignition coils.

OEM ignition coils are made by the car’s manufacturer and you may have to visit the dealership to buy them. Aftermarket ignition coils are available with all dealers. It is best to consult your mechanic on which type of ignition coil best suits your vehicle before buying.

Online Channels

Ignition coils are also available in the online marketplaces. You can buy them from reputed online portals like eBay, Amazon, etc. There are frequent deals and discounts on these online stores which can offer excellent value for money.

What to Consider While Buying Ignition Coils

The first thing to consider is the compatibility of the ignition coil with your vehicle. You should only buy ignition coils that will work with your vehicle’s make and model.

You can get an idea about the compatible ignition coil by referring to your vehicle’s user manual. Ignition coils need specific accessories to be installed in a vehicle.

While buying an ignition coil from a dealer, you must ensure that all the accessories are provided with it. If any accessory is missing, you will have to spend extra to buy it from the market. Another important consideration is to only buy the ignition coil of a reputed brand that will last longer and give you the best results.

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