Zündspulen sind langlebig und müssen nicht häufig ausgetauscht werden. Sie sind auch relativ billigere Autoteile. Der aktuelle Artikel enthält Details zu den Kosten der Zündspule, den Austauschkosten und wichtigen Überlegungen vor dem Kauf.

Cost of Ignition Coil

Ignition coils are inexpensive car parts. They can cost between $70-$375, depending upon the model and make of your car. If you buy OEM ignition coils that are made directly by the car manufacturer, then it will cost you more.

Buying compatible aftermarket ignition coils can be cheaper and it can save you money.

Replacement Cost

The replacement cost of the ignition coil depends on several factors.

The average labor cost for replacement of ignition coil in your car can range between $50-$120 per hour. Usually, installing the ignition coil can take between 30-90 minutes on most cars.

However, the replacement cost can vary based on other factors. Some new car models have an ignition coil for each spark plug, hence, replacing them is more time taking and will be costlier.

Cars with a V6 or higher, generally have the cylinders at the back of the engine compartments. This makes replacing the ignition coil more complex and thus more expensive.

Things to Consider While Buying an Ignition Coil?

The ignition system of your car can vary depending on its make and model. A standard ignition coil will not be supported by all types of ignition systems.

Hence, you must check if the ignition coil you plan to buy is compatible with your car or not. You can refer to the user manual or consult with your mechanic to know the compatible ignition coil type for your vehicle.

You should also check whether the ignition coil is being sold with the required accessories or not. Each ignition coil needs specific accessories for installation. If the accessories are not being provided with the ignition coil, you will have to buy it from outside. This will cost you additional money and increase your total cost of ignition coil replacement.

The ignition coil should be manufactured by a reputed brand and should be of good quality. You should also ensure to buy it from a reputed dealer to get a genuine product and warranty if any.

Some shady dealers may sell sub-standard products at lesser rates. You must avoid buying from such sellers as it may damage the car pars and may also need more frequent replacement.


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