What are symptoms of a bad ignition coil? Perfect working on every part of the vehicle is really necessary for a smooth ride. An ill-managed vehicle will always leave a bad impression for the riders. People who are concerned about the perfect working of their vehicles never let any part go rusty. Regular tuning and managing of the cars and other vehicles are must to increase the life of the engine.


What is an ignition coil?

An ignition coil is a significant part of the vehicle. The ignition coil helps the battery to create higher volts by producing a spark. The battery’s low voltage is mounted to much higher voltages which are made possible by the ignition coil. An ignition coil is the basic unit of the ignition system. However, a bad ignition coil makes a lot of problems for the engine. There are a lot of symptoms to identify a bad ignition coil. Some of them are discussed below:


Symptoms of a bad ignition coil:

The most common bad ignition coil symptoms are stalling of vehicles. A car with bad ignition coil may stall during journeys. Car stalling means that a vehicle may stop while on a journey. Vehicle stalling may cause problems if the car is at high speed.

Problems while starting:

The main purpose of the ignition coil is to help the car start. If a vehicle has a bad ignition coil, it surely will create problems while getting started. Problems like delayed start, a start after repeated tries or no start are associated with the bad ignition coil. Problems while starting the vehicle cause headache.

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What are the symptoms of a bad ignition coil?

Misfiring or Backfiring:

Sometimes, misfiring can be observed in a vehicle with the bad ignition. Backfiring is also possible in a car with the bad ignition. Backfiring causes a car to produce cracking sounds while starting.

Power Lacking:

The ignition coil helps a car to generate maximum voltages. With a bad ignition, a car cannot produce the maximum power and power lacking is observed. A lack of power causes the car to lag in the speed.

Louder Engine:

When the situation becomes worse, a bad ignition may even cause the vehicle to create a lot of sounds. You can easily detect a louder sound produced by the vehicle. A loud engine disturbs the smooth journey.

What are the symptoms of a bad ignition coil?

Acceleration Issues:

A car with bad ignition coil will not be providing the maximum acceleration. It is also a symptom of a bad coil.

Temperature Problems:

The engine may be overheated due to a bad ignition coil. Temperature rise may cause many problems for the engine.


Ignition coils are very common to fail. To replace a coil is necessary in order to keep the car in the best state. Ignition coils are injurious to health as they produce high voltages so it is advised to be careful while handling a coil. Ignition coil faults can be detected very easily as all the faults given above can’t hide for too long. For instance, you will instantly learn about the louder sound, stalling problems, and other mentioned issues. Ignition coil replacement on time is the best answer to the problem.

How can ACE Ignition coil Help you?

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