The ignition coil of your car is a vital part of ensuring its optimal performance. A faulty or damaged ignition coil will degrade the car’s performance and can also cause damage to other spare parts.

Ignition coils should be regularly checked to ensure they are in good working condition. The following are the benefits of changing the ignition coil and how it can improve performance:

High Voltage

One of the most prominent benefits of changing an ignition coil is the increased voltage.

It means that the ignition coil supplies more power to the spark plug for starting the car’s engine. After changing the damaged ignition coil, you will experience faster and smoother ignition of the car’s engine.

The engine will start instantly even in cold weather.

Prevents Engine Misfire

An engine misfire is a common symptom of a faulty ignition coil. The engine will be unable to provide enough power, which will impact the car’s ride quality and performance.

You will experience sluggishness and a lack of control over the car while driving. Replacing a faulty ignition coil with a new one resolves this issue.

The car’s engine will be able to deliver the required power for making your ride quality smooth and responsive.

Changing the ignition coil hells to overcome the problem of intermittent stalling of the car. It will also resolve the problem of high vibration and knocking which results while driving a car with a damaged ignition coil.

Prevents Exhaust Backfire

If the ignition coil of your car is damaged, it will not lead to efficient fuel combustion.

There will be unburnt fuel particles in the combustion chamber. These fuel particles will enter the exhaust pipe with a high energy charge.

These particles are then released through the exhaust system of the car through a mild explosion, known as exhaust backfire. When you replace the ignition coil, fuel combustion becomes efficient and the problem of exhaust backfire is addressed.

This also prevents any further damage to other parts of the car’s exhaust system which can be costly to repair otherwise.

Improves Fuel Economy

A damaged ignition coil does not provide enough power to the spark plug for ignition.

This lack of power is then compensated by the car’s system by injection of more fuel. This reduces the fuel efficiency of the car as more fuel is burnt to cover the same distance.

Changing the ignition coil restores the fuel efficiency of your car and helps to reduce the cost of running.

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